SOLPH’s Anthem

One in heart with the Trinity,

Love ever helped by Perpetual Help

hearts pure like rising incense

Becoming all things to all in need.




2-1 Prayer life



2-2 Community life



2-3 Apostolic life




2-1 Sursum Corda (Uplifting the heart) for Prayer life

Prayer Life is the source of salvation of the world and of the love for our neighbors. We, as Sisters with uplifted hearts, above all, look to God who loved us first so that we may experience his love constantly. We begin the day with Holy Mass, participate in the Liturgy of the Hour (the Divine Office), do Eucharistic adoration, scripture readings, attend spiritual readings, pray the Rosary, and devote in various forms of prayers and retreats.


2-2 “One Heart and Mind” (Acts 4,32) for Community life

Sisters live as a community centered around Jesus Christ. The community is a family pursuing eternal life with one heart and soul just as the early followers devoted themselves to the apostle’s teachings: to be in fellowship, to break bread, to be in prayer, and share the necessities and hardships of life.


2-3 “Become All things to All” (1Cor 9,22) for Apostolic life

We live and share the good news of salvation without limits to regions or objects for mission. Like Mary, we sensitively look for situations to share the gospel and try to fulfill the needs of the Church and its people.


Our Vision

Our congregation was established for the ministry of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people in the world. The Sisters try to be a holy example of the Word by living joyfully and striving to become the perpetual help to others. Being a member of the Pontifical Congregations, it is our hope to spread the love and hope of Christ so that the whole world may be a part of an everlasting joy of the risen Christ.